Top 7 Sewing Products Home Decor

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Top 7 Sewing Products Home Decor

7 Best for Sewing Home Decor Projects

I've been sewing home decor for over 20 years and just wanted to share the top 7 products that will make sewing easier.

1.  Prym Glass Head Straight Pins

1 7/8 Inch Long glass head straight pins from Germany..  Pins are made of nickel plated steel. Strong, yet thin so as not to leave holes in delicate fabrics. Sharp points make pushing them in easy. Glass head won t melt when touched by a hot iron.  I must say these are the best glass head straight pins on the market!


2.Velocity 200IR Seam Iron

Used by the top drapery workrooms and Workroom Technical School.

The Magic is Here!
With a patented two heating elements design, the Velocity 200IR pre-heats the water before it reaches the heated soleplate. This guarantees continuous steam even at low temperatures which means delicate fabric like wool can be ironed safely.

Our advanced auto shut off bypass feature allows the user to bypass the built-in 8 minute auto shut off and use the iron continuously. This is a great feature for our sewing & quilting project friends.

By simply placing your hand on the handle (and having the steam button in the on position) the Velocity 200IR steam iron springs to life with the most wonderful, voluminous steam you have ever seen in a steam iron.


3. Pate Meadows Valance Patterns

Don't reinvent the wheel! Caterina has done the hard work!

Pate-Meadows Designs was founded over 10 years ago as a high-end drapery workroom specializing in creative, one-of-a-kind window treatments. Pate-Meadows was incorporated in 1995; however the principals, Leigh Pate and Caterina Meadows, have over 40 years of combined experience in the design and construction of drapery and window treatments for the home.

4. Pinnable Rotary Cutting Megamat

This is a premier line of cutting mats. Made from a pinnable material. Easy to roll, flexible yet sturdy and great for rotary cutting. Unlike most other mats, these mats feature a sanded finish rather than a slick finish to prevent your fabric from moving.


5.Cut Cleaner and Faster with Kai Scissors

 My favorite are the 5135 2.2” Scissors, I have a pair by every sewing machine.

KAI #5135 are smaller shears great for the craft and sewing industry. They have flexible handles for comfort and fully hardened blades that may be sharpened many times. They have an extremely powerful cut. They are great for embroidery. The #5135 has an overall length of 5 1/2" and cut length of 1 5/8".

My other must-have Scissors are the 7280 a little bit more expensive but worth every penny!

The KAI 7000 series is the most versatile shear in your home, business, factory, or workroom. It serves as a workhorse for many industries focused on quality, comfort, and performance. The sharp polished edges of these scissors make quick, clean and precise cuts.



6. Quick Pleaters

A must when sewing home décor pillow, bedding, slipcover and more.  They are available in a mini set and larger set. 

You just sew as you pleat, never need to measure the pleats! Just fold the fabric and sew as go.  The pleaters are made with polycarbonate and will not chip, crack or break. 

They sell for $34.94 a set.  They make great gifts and you will save $15 with this coupon for both sets for $54.90 

7. EverSewn Sparrow 25 Sewing Machine

Erica from the Sewin Asylum in Arizona uses the Sparrow 25 in her Class rooms and loves it!  It’s a hardy machine for the price, heard rumors that it is a undercover Juki which is a supreme brand of sewing machines. 

 The computer-controlled EverSewn Sparrow 25 is the top model in this series. It offers everything a creative sewer could need, at a very attractive price/performance ratio. The Sparrow 25 boasts 197 stitch patterns in total, including 1 alphabet, 7 buttonholes, and 1 eyelet stitch. Decorative stitches can be set up to a width of 7 mm, as desired. The memory function allows individual stitch combinations to be saved. In addition to features such as the slide speed control, start/stop function and needle stop up/down, the EverSewn Sparrow 25 also has a bright sewing light. Seven presser feet (soles) come standard with this model.