Drapery Hooks, Pins, & Velcro

Need Drapery Hooks or Drapery Pins? We have you covered. Our selection of hooks and pins is one of the biggest in the industry!
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Four Prong Drapery Hooks Short Neck
4 Prong Drapery Hooks -...
$6.99 $5.99
Four Prong Long Neck Drapery Hooks
4 Prong Drapery Hooks -...
Drapery Heavy Duty Pins
Drapery Heavy Duty Pins. Package...
Stainless Steel Drapery Pins
Stainless Steel Drapery Pins, Perfect...
Two Prong Curtain Hooks
Zinc plated steel hooks for...
Butterfly Drapery Hooks
Use with drapery rings or...
Plastic Bead Chain #10
Plastic Bead Chain For Stabilizer...
1" Hook & Loop Velcro
Hook & Loop Velcro Tape...