Duvet Cover Snap Fasteners

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Duvet Cover Snap Fasteners

  • Does your duvet insert slide to the bottom of your duvet? 
  • How to keep the duvet insert in place?


Easy as pie with Duvet cover snap fasteners!  Sew the fasteners on each corner of the duvet and the insert and I recommend 2 snaps on each side, the bottom and top of the duvet. Duvet Snaps can be purchased at Home Sewing Depot.


duvet snap fastener

Here is a duvet we made several years ago, the insert always stays in place because we used duvet snaps on each corner and 2 on each side and 2 on the top and bottom of the duvet.

Using duvet cover snap fasteners will prevent the shifting of the duvet insert. You should sew the duvet cover snap fasteners to the insert and the duvet.

Sew all the corner snaps on first and then divide the space between the corners by 3 : Example 120" wide divided by 3 =40" so your snaps would be snaps would be sewn 30" apart.   90" Long and the snaps would be 30" apart.


Turn the duvet cover wrong side out and sew the snaps on at the seam lines.  Sew the snaps to the duvet insert approximately in the same place or close.  There will be some wiggle room between the cover and the insert.

How to turn the duvet right side out with the duvet cover snap fasteners? 

Snap all of the snaps together then start from the opening and fold the duvet back over the duvet insert, turning it right side out.Turning the bottom layer as you go, you will eventually have the right sides showing and the insert in place on the inside of the duvet.

Here is a  picture of a duvet insert.


Here is a duvet with Duvet cover snap fasteners sewn to both the duvet cover and the duvet insert.