New Hand Adapter Cuts Fabric For #12 Grommets

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New Hand Adapter Cuts Fabric For #12 Grommets

Cut Fabric for Grommets in Seconds!

I Doesn't Get Easier! Our new Hand Adapter fits Grommet Cutters #00 to #12 for cutting fabric holes. 

Are you tired of and cutting all the holes for small grommet projects?  You will love the Hand Adapter for out grommet cutter.  You can use it with #00 to #12 cutters and #00 to #8 setters. 

Our famous Fast Set (EZ Set) Grommets are so simple to use but a little time consuming when cutting all the holes by hand.  No you can use the #12 cutter with the Hand Adapter and a 4 Lb Mallet and have cuts for your grommets! 

GSP12 Fast Set Grommet Setter

Save Hours and money with the hand adapter that works with our Fast Set Metal Grommets.  You can also use the cutter for our #10 Plastic Grommets as well.  You do not need the setter for either of these grommets. 

The GSP12 is required for setting Fast Set Grommets and when purchasing the Hand Adapter and #12 Cutter we will send a Free Setter for the Fast Set Grommets.