Improve My Sewing Experience with Better Lighting

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Improve My Sewing Experience with Better Lighting

After relocating to my new sewing workspace, I found myself in need of more lighting while working. That’s when I decided to purchase the Mighty Bright light from Home Sewing Depot. Not only was the ordering process easy, but my new light arrived in just a few days.

I’ve found that having the added light source really makes a difference when sewing, especially when compared with just relying on the sewing machine’s light.

The Mighty Bright comes with a small AAA battery that can be easily inserted into the holder located at the back of the light.

Plus, the adhesive sticky back made it a cinch to attach to my sewing machine. And get this, the light is detachable with two mounting bases, so I can move it around

No sewing task too big, no project too dark with my new mini light! You might want to get yours today at Home Sewing Depot.