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How to Use Jute Webbing

Have you often wondered how to use Jute Webbing? Jute webbing is available in many beautiful colors for year around crating projects.  It comes in the basic black, holiday green, luscious blue/purple and bight and cherry red/orange.  So the question is how to use jute webbing?   Jute Webbing DIY Craft Projects Decorating candles by wrapping the jute webbing around...

How to Use Fast Set Metal Grommets

Have you tried Fast-Set Metal Grommets? Fast-Set Metal Grommets also known as EZ-Set Grommets are perfect for draperies, curtains, shower curtains, purses, handbags and totes.    The are so easy to use and stay in place no matter how much you tug and pull on the totes. Many crafter's and purse experts are using the metal grommets because the keep on...