Ultra Polly Down Inserts

Ultra Polly Down Inserts

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Ultra Poly Down: Miracle Blend of 10/90 white goose down and feather combined with ultra resilient poly blend. Feels better than 50/50 down and feather at a really down to earth soft price.

New Down Essence! The Ultimate Down Alternative: Enhance decorative pillow creations with the finest, softest, engineered micro fiber available in the comfort world today. Rivaling 100% Goose Down

White Goose Down and Feather: Super-sanitized, hypo-allergenic, blended for maximum natural loft and softness! You have a choice of 10/90 (10% down/90% feather), 25/75 (25% down/75% feather) and 50/50 (50% down/50% feather). 

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