Transulcent Mini Pleat Tape, 1 Inch

Transulcent Mini Pleat Tape, 1 Inch


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TT40 Translucent 1" wide Pleating Tape
TT41 Translucent 1" wide Shirring Tape
  • 6 yard rolls or 72 yard roll
  • Designed for use on sheer or printed fabrics.
  • When cords are pulled, pleats and spaces between them remain smooth.
  • Great for shirring bed skirts or accents on pillows
TT27 Translucent 2" wide Shirring Tape
  • 6 yard roll or 36 yard roll
  • Has 2 rows of pockets for inserting hooks and can also be used as curtain header tape

These translucent tapes are ideal for making mini pleats or shirring sheer fabric. Each has two pull cords. The fullness varies with how tight the cords are pulled. Great for making cloud valances.
UV resistant. Pull cords will not fray when cut.

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