StripBit Re-Upholstery Tool

StripBit Re-Upholstery Tool


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Stripbit - Strip Fabric Fast

Save Time and Money with the StripBit! StripBit is the biggest innovation to hit the re-upholstering trade since the air compressor!

StripBit is an amazing innovation that has taken the re-upholstering trade by storm. It is easy to use and will cut your stripping time down to a fraction of what it was. It quickly removes anything covering your frame, often taking the tacks and staples right out - leaving a bare frame, in one single motion. It actually makes the most tedious part of the re-upholstery job into the easiest and most enjoyable part! Save time, money and your hands, for less than the price of a pair of scissors, order StripBit today!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Regina Allen
strip it

Unique tool that speeds up upholstery tear down. Does not fit in every drill. Takes a strong drill and hand to handle it.

Sherri Marshall
StripBit Review

I could not get this bit to work. It would not work on vinyl booths I was recovering. When I tried on fabric, it started working but ripped the fabric and did not pull out the staples. I hope I can use in the future.

lynne griffin

StripBit Re-Upholstery Tool

Rhonda Shanahan
Strip Bit

I have only used this tool 1 time but I like it so far.

Patty Shepley
Great tool to have

I purchased this because I have a piece to redo that has a hardwood frame. The staples were very hard to lift and there were many more used than necessary. The StripBit arrived in just a few days. It didn’t completely lift the staples as Id seen a video (perhaps due to the hard wood) but it pulled one end out which left me with the task of just using pliers to pull the other - no digging! Im curious to see how it works on another piece that perhaps isn’t such a hard wood frame. It still saved me tons of time though. Every upholsterer should have one!!!