Scallop template 3"-20" Scallops

Scallop template 3"-20" Scallops


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Scallop Template
  • Clear, durable Scallop Template makes perfect scallop designs fast and easy.
  • Lets you draw up to 171 different sizes of scallops.
  • The scallop width ranges from 3 to 20 in 1 increments.
  • For each width, the height can be varied in 1/2 increments.
  • The actual template size is 20 1/2 x 21 1/4 for easy handling.
  • Template should be used on a worktable that pins can be pushed into.
  • Concise instructions are printed on the template for quick reference. Detailed instructions explain how to draw more complicated shapes.
  • Indispensable tool for planning valances, shades and cornices.
  • With practice and creativity, you can create, duplicate and enlarge an endless number of designs.

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