Roman Shade Ribs 1/4" x 5'

Roman Shade Ribs 1/4" x 5'


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    Shade Ribs 1/4" by 5' 


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    Description: Rigid plastic. Supports pleats on Roman Shades when placed in a small tuck or use Iron On Rib tape to make the pocket on the back or front of the shade.
      1/4" diameter, 5 ft. long with center hole which allows splicing of pieces to accommodate wider shades and to eliminate scrap.
      Also used on Hobbled Shades at the ring stitches to help keep the folds straight.

        Sold :

        • 20 pack
        • 100 pack

        Sorry, UPS and FedEX rates are $20 to $30 Shipping Cost because of length 60"

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