Mini Tapered Corner Pillow Template

Mini Tapered Corner Pillow Template


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Mini Tapered Corner Pillow Template - Remove Dog Ears

NO More Dog Ear Pillows! Make perfect pillows, taper corners to prevent dog ears on your pillows. Lay edge to edge on fabric, trace or rotary cut to trim pillow before sewing.
1. Cut fabric to pillow size
Example: 20" pillow form, cut fabric 19" x 19"
(includes 1/2" seam allowances.
Finished Pillow = 18" x 18")
2. Lay both pieces on top of each other, right sides together.
3. In one corner, line up the template to the top of the fabric
with cut edges. (See Image 1)
4. Trace the curved corner, continue to trace all four corners.
5. Cut both layers of fabric on marked lines.
6. No More Dog Ears!

Guaranteed Not to Break Under Normal Wear

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Customer Reviews

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Kaye Mitchell
Mini Tapered Corner Pillow Template

This template has upped my pillow making ability. Not only does this template work on all sizes of pillows, it saves me tons of time. I have previously used cardboard templates for each size of pillows and was so glad to toss them all!!!
Now I just start with whatever size square I need and trim the corners and I am ready to sew.

Also, I hiccupped and ordered two (???) and when I called, there was absolutely no hesitation for my sending the duplicate order back. This will be my go to site for any sewing supplies I need from now on.

Great, fast service and customer support.

Pillows !

I make a lot of pillows and ‘dog ears’ make me crazy! Was so happening to discover the tapered corner ruler!
Make my pillows look so professional - have let a friend of mine borrow it and she’ll be ordering one for herself now ! Great addition to my sewing studio!
Thank you

Barbara Adams

Worked great!

Louise Clark
Maybe no Tapered Corner Pillow Template

Love this!

Lisa Doughty
Makes it easy

Love the template. Love the videos. Very helpful. Professional outcome. Thank you!