Micro-Fasteners for 22-ST35

Micro-Fasteners for 22-ST35


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  • Used to help control and train fabrics such as folds and pleats in polyester or faux silk fabrics.
  • Fastener is so small it s less visible in fabrics and easy to pull off.
  • The micro basting/tacking is the smallest in the industry and will leave the smallest hole in the fabric.
  • 22-ST35 Micro Basting/Tacking Gun is used for applying ST36 micro fasteners only.
  • Not for Tamper resistant application.
  • Easy to replace needles. Use 22-ST35/A needles only.
  • 22-ST36 Micro Basting/Tacking Fasteners have 120 fasteners per strip, 3/16 long with 1/8 cross bar.

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