Kai 7300 12 Inch Professional Shear

Kai 7300 12 Inch Professional Shear


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12" Upholstery and Drapery Shear

Long blades allow longer cuts and less strokes and wear on the hands of the craftsman or woman. 
stainless steel (3.7  4 mm. in thickness) and hardened up to 58+/-1 HRC. The shears are elegantly made.  finished and equipped with a patented duplex interlock fastener that prevents the screw from becoming loose.
The fastener is also heat treated and hardened up to 45 +/- 1 HRC. The 7000 Series is available in 8 different models
 7300 12 inch Professional Shear used by upholstery and drapery professionals.
A winner of the IF design award 2005.

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