Kai 7280 11 inch Professional Scissors

Kai 7280 11 inch Professional Scissors


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The Best Pair of Scissors Ever

The 7280 Scissor  is a new generation of professional tailoring shears for home dec sewing, drapery workrooms and even the DIY Seamstress..

The blades are made of AUS8A stainless steel (3.7 4 mm. in thickness) and hardened up to 58+/-1 HRC. The shears are elegantly matte
finished and equipped with a patented duplex interlock fastener that prevents the screw from becoming

The fastener is also heat treated and hardened up to 45 +/- 1 HRC. The 7000 Series is available in 8
different models

  • Kai 7230 9 inch
  • Kai 7240 Serated
  • Kai 7250 Left, 7250
  • Pro 10 inch
  • 7280 11 inch Pro
  • 7300 12 inch Professional Shear.
In my book these are the  #1 Scissor for 2018.  They have a proven track record  with 18 years sewing draperies and slipcovers.

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