Kai 5230 Ergonomic 9" Shear

Kai 5230 Ergonomic 9" Shear


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KAI Green 9" Bent Handle Shears with Santoprene® Handles

The shear handles are ergonomically designed to place the hand in correct alignment for ease of cutting and are made of Santoprenene, a soft thermal rubber.

The blades are made of AU6 Japanese stainless steel with Vanadium giving them a Rockwell of 54 to 58 HRC. The shear blades are held together with an adjustable nut, which increases strength and is easy to use.

  • Recommended uses:
  • Great for trimming flash
  • All fabrics, sewing, and trimming operations
  • Household use
  • Extremely great hobby and craft shears
  • For difficult to cut materials

Typically last 2-3 times longer than other brands of Shears

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