Dofix Iron On Translucent Woven Buckram

Dofix Iron On Translucent Woven Buckram


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Iron On Transparent Buckram by Dofix

Use with the Buckram-Fold, Blackout Roman Shade Method

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  • 3" Wide
  • 4" Wide
  • 10 Yard Roll
  • 110 Yard Roll

Free Instructions by Susan Woodcock of Workroom Tech

Blackout Buckram Fold Roman Shade Instructions

Iron On Buckram Fold Interlined Roman Shade Instructions


Dofix tapes require a minimum temperature of 212 degrees to liquid the iron-on adhesive.  The iron must have a continuous flow of stem.  This is typically achieved most efficiently with a commercial boiler type of iron.  

The larger output of steam is, the shorter the application time will be.

The more absorbent a fabric is, the stronger the bond will be.

Non absorbent fabrics e.g. shower curtain or outdoor fabrics can not be bonded permanently.

The steam of the iron will transport the heat through the layers of the fabric to the adhesive.  Once adhesive becomes hot it turns liquid.  The hotter the adhesive, the more liquid it becomes.

The fabrics can absorb the liquid adhesive then pressing them with the iron.  Once the adhesive cools down again, it becomes solid and the layers are bonded.


Place the iron over the tape, lining or interfacing that is to be bonded.  Set iron to release steam continuously down.  A contact time of 1-2 seconds is typically sufficient to liquefy the adhesive.  However this is strongly dependent on the temperature of the iron/steam, the quantity of steam and the thickness of the density of the fabrics that are being bonded.

Be sure to cover the entire surface of the tape or lining that is to be bonded with the area of the iron where the steam exits from it.  Keep in mind that the adhesive will only be liquefied properly in this area. On most irons this is at the very tip of the iron, not the entire surface of it.

Press the iron slightly day to push the liquid adhesive into the fibers of the fabrics.  Move the iron in small steps lifting is somewhat in between to avoid stretching the fabric or creating wrinkles.

To avoid a separation of bonded materials, do not move or pull on the fabrics while the adhesive is still hot. 

Separating bonded materials:

Previously bonded fabrics can be separated by simply reheating the adhesive.  It will liquefy again and the layers can be separated while the adhesive is hot.

Many of our clients also us the Velocity 200IR Steam Iron

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Elizabeth Woolf

Dofix Iron On Translucent Woven Buckram

Judith Cole

Easy to apply and gives a good crisp line each time

CJ Hunt

I haven't used it yet

Diane Vessels
Looks good & arrived in the time promised.

I had other shades to finish when the buckram arrived so I haven’t used it yet. But it looks good and arrived on time.

Cheryl Champine

Always great service and material