Iron On Permanent Buckram 4" & 6" Width 3 Weights

Iron On Permanent Buckram 4" & 6" Width 3 Weights

Size :

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Iron On Polyester Permanent Buckram

Used for:

Window Treatments, Draperies, Purses, Handbags, Wallets

Width: 4" & 6" widths. 6 yds or 100 yds

  • 100% polyester. Snow white color.
  • Light Weight is suitable for sheers and light weight fabrics.
  • Standard Weight is 33% heavier than light weight, suitable for medium weight fabrics.
  • Heavy Weight is 30% heavier than standard weight, suitable for velvets and heavy weight fabrics.
  • Iron-On has adhesive on one entire side.
  • Washable and dry cleanable. Does not shrink after cleaning.
  • Pleats and spaces stay firm after multiple washings and dry cleanings.
  • Easier to sew than traditional non-woven buckrams; won t heat up sewing machine needles like other buckrams can.
  • Less thread breakage. 

We offer all of the Rowley Buckram collection and would gladly send a sample if needed.  Please request a sample from Claudia by Email


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Customer Reviews

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Judith Cole

Iron On Permanent Buckram 4" & 6" Width 3 Weights

Emma Friel

Worked just as expected. I had a few questions that were immediately responded to, even over a weekend! Thank you!

Michael Conti
100% Polyester Buckram

This is my first experience working with 100% Polyester Buckram. I would have liked a little more "glue" on the buckram. Sometimes there seemed to be some "glue" on both sides of the buckram, especially at the start of the roll. An instruction sheet with recommended iron temperature setting would have been nice.
It would be nice if I could attach a photo of my finished triple-pleat drapes to demonstrate what this buckram can do. I had to learn how to use this material and that process took time. I am happy with the result.
The buckram is washable. I have yet to find out what the drapes will look like after I wash them.

Great Buckram

I used the buckram on light weight curtains, I added grommets and the fabric needed more stability. The buckram did the job well.

Domenica Peterson

Iron On Permanent Buckram 4" & 6" Width 3 Weights