Polished Silver Snap in Grommets

Polished Silver Snap in Grommets


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Punch out fabric in grommets. Snap in decorative rings. SAVE mountains of time. Easy, No-Fail system! Avoid the hours of installing single grommets only to find headings sagging. You will be amazed at the difference!

1 5/8" ID Grommet Ring Covers for snap in grommet drapery tape.

Grommets are waterproof, rust proof, light weight, and washable! The Grommet Tape is 100% Polyester, in a 3 1/8" with, with 1 5/8" Inside Diameter opening.

Decorative Rings: Snap into the Grommets on the Tape. They come in 6 different finishes. Their smooth plastic material does not scratch the paint or finish of your drapery hardware.

Tape is sold by the yard at $6.99 a yard Requires 8 Grommets per yard.

1 - 54" width of fabric requires 1 1/2 yards of Grommet Tape and 12 Grommets

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