Folding Square Ruler 16"

Folding Square Ruler 16"


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16" Folding Square Ruler

Folding Square Ruler which was created from the idea of the old time framing square. You can square up corners, make triangles, bias strips, squares, and much more.  Lay the open folding easy square ruler on the straight edge of your fabric and the ruler will assist in squaring up your fabric for home decor sewing, crafting and quilting needs.

The unique folding action allows the ruler to complete a perfect right angle and to lay flat to a square

A Must for Home Decor Sewing and Quilting!  Print Folding Ruler Instructions

3 1/2" x 16" Folding Square Ruler with mitered corners.

  • See-thru Acrylic Ruler
  • Fits every sewing and craft need.
  • Fine lines for accuracy.
  • Black graphics printed on the under side of the ruler to prevent shadows and distortions with measurements.

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