Delaine Valance by Pate Meadows

Delaine Valance by Pate Meadows


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Delaine Valance Pattern

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This fun, tailored valance is an unusual take on a pleated style and can be adapted to fit any size window. Our instructions are for a valance that is 42” finished width. The information needed to add to or reduce the width is included. The finished length of the valance is approximately 18” at the swag and 15 ½” at the pleated area and sides. The
pattern allows for 3 ½” returns at each side where the valance returns to the wall to cover the hardware.

We used a contrast fabric for the pleat and pleat lining. The swag sections are lined in regular drapery lining (natural or white).

We added trim to the bottom of the swag and side sections. It is not recommended to put trim across the bottom of the pleated sections as the trim has a tendency to cause the pleats to flare out.
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