Deep Pleat Pinch Drapery Tape - Clearance

Deep Pleat Pinch Drapery Tape - Clearance


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Sew-On Deep Pinch Pleat Header Tapes

Simply sew to panel and insert the drapery pins to create a  beautiful drapery  heading. You can covert ready made panels to custom curtains with deep pleat tape for curtains. 

Deep pinch pleat tape offers 5 ½'' pleat take-up when skipping every other channel.Skip 2 channels between hooks for 3 ¼'' spacing and 2.6x fullness, or 3 channels between hooks for 4 ¼'' spacing and 2.3x fullness.

Print Deep Pleat Instructions

Long Neck Drapery pins are to be used with drapery rings, because the hook sets closer to the top.

Short Neck Drapery pins are for traversing drapery rods or traversing curtain rods because the hook is 1" below the top of the drapery.


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