Cartridge Pleat Drapery Header Tape

Cartridge Pleat Drapery Header Tape


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Cartridge Pleat Tape

You will love our draperies with our cartridge pleat pleat tape, just sew it onto your drapery header and pull the cartridge pleat tape tight with the pull cords that are designed to make instant cartridge pleats.

Cartridge Pleat Tape

  • White Polyester - 3.5" wide
  • 6 yard Package
  • 36 Yard Roll

Simply sew to panel and pull cords to create distinctive drapery heading. Cartridge Pleat tape has 4.5 inch spacing between pleats with 3 inch take-up.  Heavy duty Drapery Pins work best Drapery Cartridge Pleat tape.

You may also stuff the pleat with fiber or roll a clear piece of plastic to the correct size and insert it into the pleat.

Learn how to use cartridge pleat tape below, free instructions,

Click here for complete Instructions  

Susan will show you how to use cartridge pleat tape, Watch Video.

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