9" Drop Avalon Kit

9" Drop Avalon Kit


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Avalon Cornice Kit

The Avalon cornice kit is constructed in 3 easy steps:

If you re looking for unique window cornices that are easy and FUN to create, you've come to the right place! We have an amazing product in sizes that will surely suit your windows and offer a fantastic, creative enhancement to any room. The best part about our product is that there is no sewing involved, and you are only limited by your imagination!

Bring out the creative decorator in you with a couple of our other products as well. You can create a beautiful master bedroom and bathroom with our products.

Avalon Cornice Kit - 9 Inch Drop, 12 Inch Drop or 15 Inch Drop.

State of the art, light weight, do-it-yourself window cornices.?

  • 3 -16" Sections & Two End Returns - Tuck Tool - 2 - 5" Brackets
  • Screws and Anchors - Set of complete, easy to read instructions.

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