#60 - 1 1/2" Button Cover Kits

#60 - 1 1/2" Button Cover Kits


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Best Tools for Hand Covering Fabric Buttons - Metal Buttons Made In USA.
# 60 = 1 1/2" Button

Easy to use and makes perfect buttons every time. Create a custom look for pillows, window treatments,cushions and more.

  • Cut fabric, place in holder
  • Press Button into holder
  • Wrap fabric into the button
  • Place button back on the button
  • Place button pusher over the back
  • Tap with rubber mallet until back is set into button front

Make your own buttons for crafting, sewing, upholstery, decorating and more. NO Machine needed, comes with tools. Order Today or call Claudia 623-878-7350

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