Snap In Grommet Drapery Tape

Snap In Grommet Drapery Tape


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Grommets are waterproof, rust proof, light weight, and washable! The Grommet Tape is 100% Polyester, in a 3 1/8" with, with 1 5/8" Inside Diameter opening. This tape is sold by the yard only! Approx 8 grommets per yard.

HOW-TO MEASURE: Just measure your ROD length in inches, multiply it by 2, then divide by 36" to get the yardage you will need. If you like it extra full, you can always increase to 2-1/2, or even 3 times fullness for lighter weight fabrics.

Multiply the yardage figure by 8 to figure the amount of Decorative Snap-On Rings you will need. Save any extra rings for future replacements if necessary.

Decorative Rings: Snap into the Grommets on the Tape. They come in 6 different finishes. Their smooth plastic material does not scratch the paint or finish of your drapery hardware.

They are Rust Proof because they are NOT metal, but a light-weight plastic that moves easier, and thus are washable. The Grommets are priced individually a $2.45 each

Black, White, Matte Silver, Polished Silver, Matte Gold and Polished Gold.

Tape is sold by the yard at $6.99 a yard Requires 8 Grommets per yard.

1 - 54" width of fabric requires 1 1/2 yards of Grommet Tape and 12 Grommets

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Celestine Gannon
Drapery tape

Excellent product, easy to use, video to assist with application, quick turnaround, great experience and beautiful draperies. Thank you!

great sevice

Only needed a yard of snap grommet tape for panels to dress up a window for my daughter with the leftover fabric from shortening some grommet curtains. Took me a while to find someone who would sell me just a yard of tape, and had the silver snap on grommets. The great service - thought I only needed 6 grommets, ordered 7 just in cast, Claudia sent me 8. Yes after looking at the panels and doing some recalculating, she was right!! Thank you Claudia

Thank you, I learned years the grommet panels always require a even number of grommets, only because I made the mistake on my own draperies.