NO Sew Roman Shades - Download Now

NO Sew Roman Shades - Download Now


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Save Time No Sew Roman Shades

No Sew Roman Shades are easy and professionals have been using NO sew products for years. 

I started using this No Sew method originally with Dofix Products but found as success with No iron adhesives.  Sealah Tape has been my go to product for years.  Living in Arizona is a great test for this product, 120 outside and 200 degree sun shining on our windows.   Shealah Tape has surpassed the test with shades hanging more than 10 years in the sun.

The Instructions are free. We cover:

  • How to measure your windows for shades
  • How to calculate fabric
  • Pattern match fabric
  • Square the fabric shade
  • Step by step instructions
  • Cord placement
  • Installation
  • Safety Measures


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