Cosmopolitan Cornice Kits 9" Drop

Cosmopolitan Cornice Kits 9" Drop


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Cosmopolitan Cornice Kit 

Available in a 9 Inch Drop. State of the art, light weight, do-it-yourself window cornices.


The kit includes 2 returns (end cap), 16" extension pieces to reach your chosen window width, 3" or 5" brackets, mounting hardware, and a "magic tuck tool".

Bracket options:

3" brackets are used for recessed blinds allowing 3" of clearance off of the wall.

5" bracket allows for 5" of clearance off of the wall for outside mounted blinds and draperies.

Assemble the kit with a low temperature glue gun, which we sell in the glue guns/glue sticks section of this web site.  These cornices are constructed in 3 easy steps

Cosmopolitan is a perfect match for Modern and Contemporary Styles.
If you're looking for unique window cornices that are easy and FUN to create, you've come to the right place! We have an amazing product in sizes that will surely suit your windows and offer a fantastic, creative enhancement to any room. The best part about our product is that there is no sewing involved, and you are only limited by your imagination!

Bring out the creative decorator in you with a couple of our other products as well. You can create a beautiful master bedroom and bathroom with our products.

Please order carefully - Cornice kits and their components are non-returnable.

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Customer Reviews

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Queen Jackson
Satisfied with results

I have ordered 2 different window size Styrofoam. One 73" long & one 84" long. I have found that the longer the window, the weaker the glue hold is. On each of the windows, when I picked it up the hold was not tight, it came loose. To rectify that, I replied it, & I placed glued cardboard strips over each seam, it made the Styrofoam much more sturdy, & no chance of the seams coming loose. The cosmopolitan is has very hard sharp straight edges, to rectify that, I used batting with my material to wrap the cornice, it gives it a much more softer & rounder edge. Once I did the first one, wrapping the second one was much more easier. Had I known, that the mounting brackets would be about 3 inches above the window, I would have ordered the 12" instead of the 9" drop which would have given me 3 more inches of window coverage. All in all, they turned out very nice. If I decide to do more, I would go with the Styrofoam again. Very light weight.

Margo McClain

I replaced my Avalon Cornices with Cosmopolitan to give my living room an updated look. The 9" drop cornices look scrawny and cheap. Don't know if it's the size or the material I chose; maybe some batting inside to puff it out a bit? Expecting the 12" drop Cosmo kit any day now, for my sliding glass door in the same room. Not sure what to do now. I still have my Avalon cornices, could re-do them, but there are no returns on the kits.

Linda Parker

I have done three Corinthian kits and tried the Cosmopolitan for the bedrooms. Wow - they are SO much easier to decorate and look fabulous!

Mary Pickelman
Good customer service

The styrofoam could be more dense. When cutting broke easily. If using light material to cover it will be bumpy. The company sent me wrong model but made it right.

John Bartolomucci
Great product

Very easy to assemble and the install