Modern Sewing Machine Metal Art

Modern Sewing Machine Metal Art

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Modern Sewing Machine Metal Art

Beautiful Custom Laser Sewing Art   

Each piece is cut to order using a waterjet laser much like the lasers used in the Aerospace and Automotive industries. This produces a satin smooth edge without heating or scorching the steel.

The finish on the artwork comes with several options, depending on your décor and preference. All pieces except the unfinished surface are coated with a Clear Coat Spray. The choices for the finishes are black, brown, flame, rust and natural (unfinished).

Something interesting to do with the natural unfinished artwork is to allow it to rust, then transfer the rust to a piece of linen, silk, or cotton fabric. Once the rust is transferred to the fabric, it can be set and will not wash out. Think of the unique textile decorating pieces you can make!

With DIY creativity there is no limit to the fun you can have decorating with the laser cut sewing metal art.

Every piect of metal is hand designed and cut in Arizona. 

Sewing room favorites available 3 styles of sewing machines, bobbins, spools of thread, scissors and even a pressure foot!

Cut from steel sheets, all pieces come in three different sizes with your choice of finish.

  • The small size is about 5” x 6”
  • The medium is about 10” x 11”.
  • The large size is about 12” x 15”.

These measurements are approximate but should give you a good idea of the wall space needed to decorate with sewing metal art.
your home. The finishes on the art pieces include:

  • Raw finish (natural metal) 
  • Sealed rust brown finish
  • Sealed black finish
  • Sealed flame finish

. The raw finish allows you to rust the piece yourself, if you so desire.

Shipping Time 3-4 weeks on all custom finishes.

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