Custom Soft Treatments

Custom Soft Treatments


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We are so excited to announce the publication of this definitive book. The Custom Soft Treatments Handbook of Common Practices gives design and fabrication professionals who want to be proficient in the specialized art of window fashions the essentials they need to address most challenges and solutions.
The 360+ page manual containing over 1500 illustrations is the most comprehensive book detailing common practices of fabrication of custom window coverings and soft furnishings. Chapters include draperies, valances, swags and cascades, cornices, sunbursts and shades to name a few. Each chapter covers topics like: anatomy of the treatment, measuring guidelines, installation, recommended fabrics, special considerations and applications. It is a MUST HAVE for the new generation of artisans in the soft window covering industry.

ƒ??I received my book this AM and have just flipped through it briefly ƒ?? this is GREAT ƒ?? how useful this could be for us to share w/our decorators. This info is just one example of why we are experts and should be consulted.ƒ?? ƒ?? Judy Soccio

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