Tudor Cornice Kits 12"/9"Drop

Tudor Cornice Kits 12"/9"Drop


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Tudor Cornice Kit- 12 in outside 9 in center 12 in outside (Min 48 in window)

These cornices are constructed in 3 easy steps:

The Tudor is a custom made cornice that the left and right transitions remain the same. The width of the cornice is modified by changing the width of the center section. The minimum window width is 48" due to the transitions.

The kit includes 2 end caps, 2 transitions, center pieces, 3" or 5" brackets, instruction sheets, mounting hardware, and the magic tuck tool.

This cornice looks good in all sizes windows since it transitions from a 12" to a 9" height. The polystyrene is 2 1/2" thick at the thickest point.
Bracket options:

  • 3" brackets are used for recessed blinds allowing 3" of clearance off of the wall.
  • 5" bracket allows for 5" of clearance off of the wall for outside mounted blinds

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