Roman Shade Cord Lock 1"- 10 Cords

Roman Shade Cord Lock 1"- 10 Cords


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Cord Locks - High Quality Used by Professionals: Cord Lock works with all 3 sizes of Lift Cord: 1.4mm and 1.8mm

Minimum board projection front to back is 1 1/2" for mounting. Maximum of  10 cords (CL14) that can be used per lock. If there are more than the max cords, another cord lock can be used.

Maximum shade lifting weight is  22 lbs. for (CL14) .Mounting base width can be mounted on the edge of a 1 1/2"board.

Cord lock is unique because the cord on the side of the shade enters the cord lock on one side and the other cords enter from the opposite side. This design allows moving the mechanism away from the end of the head-rail and makes locking the shades easy when inside mounted. Can be mounted on the right or left side of shade and cords will still run smoothly. Unique design resists sticking or jamming of cords inside the cord lock.

Made from a durable, UV stable, high-tech polymer resin. Fast and easy to install. Cord lock also swivels forward and backwards to allow smooth operations of the shade and prevent cord jamming.

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